TEDx is a localised initiative underlining TED’s overall mission to research and discover “ideas worth spreading”. It intends to imbue local communities with the spirit of TED and transports ideas around the globe.

YCYW Education has undertaken this mission in the thriving and flamboyant city of Shanghai with TEDxYouth@YCYWShanghai, unveiling on 27 June this year. The event has returned after a successful inaugural year in 2020, presented by our team who has run impressive TEDx events in many other cities in the world.  This year’s event converges talents, passion, thoughts, insights, creativity and technology knowhow from thousands of students and teachers under 5 of our schools in the area.

From live talks, interactive exhibits, dramatic performances, intuitive discussions and workshops, creative art exhibitions to future technology, the YCYW family comes “Together, Building a Better World” for our students, families, neighbours, partners and the wider community.

The event invites and welcomes all with a heart and mind to explore, inquire, collaborate and impact positively in the city and neighbourhoods where they live.  It is the day to build one community under one roof and one purpose to make a better world in the eyes of young people and their families.

Join us for a full day itinerary of immersive experiences to inspire your young ones with design thinking, project-based learning, entrepreneur challenges, engineering processes and the latest innovations.

YCYW Education

An education pioneer rooted in Hong Kong, Yew Chung Yew Wah (YCYW) offers a unique education journey merging the best of Chinese and Western cultures, with a mission to raise globally competent and compassionate leaders for a better world.

The first Yew Chung School and Kindergarten was founded in Hong Kong in 1932 with a vision to educate students beyond the classroom and to instil a sense of societal consciousness. In the 1990s, Yew Chung was invited to Shanghai and Beijing to open schools to meet the needs of foreign communities in mainland China. The network expanded with Yew Wah International Education Schools dedicated to nurture Chinese students with international perspectives.

Celebrating nearly 90 years of heritage and milestones, YCYW now plays a major role in promoting global education, multicultural understanding, leadership and stewardship from Early Childhood to Tertiary, actively contributing to our home nation and beyond.

Today, YCYW is an unrivalled network of international kindergartens, schools and college that spans over 20 campuses at prime locations in Hong Kong, mainland China, Somerset in the UK and Silicon Valley in the US, providing high quality education and advancement to more than 10,000 teachers and students worldwide.

Event Details

Sunday, June 27, 2021
2021年6月27日 星期日

10:00am – 6:30pm

Shanghai West Bund Museum

2600, Longteng Ave, Xuhui District, Shanghai 上海市徐汇区龙腾大道2600号

Together, Building a Better World

TEDx Talks
TEDx 演讲

A series of research based and inspirational talks 3 – 9 minutes long, delivered by students from Primary to Upper Secondary sections, as well as teachers.
一系列以研究为本和激励性的演讲,每节3 至 9 分钟,由小学到高年级的学生以及老师主讲。每位讲者将在台上献上包含深入研究和设计思维的原创想法,充分展示创造力和开创性,旨在带领观众踏上探究之旅,携手改善世界。

TEDx Exhibitions

Students from all the schools will participate as exhibitors to showcase visual and digital media artworks, providing interactive and immersive experiences a diverse variety of formats for visitors, from virtual reality (VR), robotics, project-based learning, engineering and entrepreneurship case studies.
展览的焦点是创新、创造力和设计,以吸引年轻人和观众在 STEAM 原则下探索全球关注的问题和设计解决方案。对自动驾驶漫游车、传感器自动化环境分析、防灾避难所等项目着迷的人士万勿错过。