Event Details

Saturday 03 December 2022
2022年12月3日 星期六
09:30am – 08:30pm

Shangri-La Hotel, Pudong, Shanghai

33 Fu Cheng Road, Pudong, Shanghai 200120 China 中国上海浦东富城路33号 邮政编码 200120

Building a Bright Future for Humanity

TEDx Talks
TEDx 演讲

A series of research based and inspirational talks 3 – 9 minutes long, delivered by students from Primary to Upper Secondary sections, as well as teachers.
一系列以研究为本和激励性的演讲,每节3 至 9 分钟,由小学到高年级的学生以及老师主讲。每位讲者将在台上献上包含深入研究和设计思维的原创想法,充分展示创造力和开创性,旨在带领观众踏上探究之旅,携手改善世界。

TEDx Exhibitions

Students from all the schools will participate as exhibitors to showcase visual and digital media artworks, providing interactive and immersive experiences a diverse variety of formats for visitors, from virtual reality (VR), robotics, project-based learning, engineering and entrepreneurship case studies.
展览的焦点是创新、创造力和设计,以吸引年轻人和观众在 STEAM 原则下探索全球关注的问题和设计解决方案。对自动驾驶漫游车、传感器自动化环境分析、防灾避难所等项目着迷的人士万勿错过。

Due to limited capacity in each area, places will be allocated in order of registration. Successfully registered participants will receive an e-ticket to the event exhibition, the TEDX talk session, or the workshop that you’ve signed up for.

We look forward to seeing you on 3 December at the Pudong Shangri-La Hotel!

由于场地座位有限,我们将以您预约的先后顺序作确认,然后派发电子预约门票参加所登记的展览、演讲或工作坊。请扫描二维码,立即预约 !